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First Generation First

Putting our first-gen students first.

Parents & Teachers

Welcome parents and teachers! FGF focuses on helping first-generation and/or low-income students but we know the adults in the students' lives also play important roles. As parents who may need to financially assist their students in college or as teachers who often serve as guides through applying to college, you all significantly influence students. We at FGF want to make sure parents and teachers have the right tools to help their students succeed!

Financial Resources

Links for financial relief, food assistance, support for undocumented immigrants, discounts, and more.

Talking About College

We know sometimes it is difficult for parents to fully support their students when they are unfamiliar with the college process themselves. However, your student needs you now more than ever and these few actions can make the biggest difference in your student's confidence. Simply sitting down and having a conversation with your child can make them feel supported and less lost (trust us, we know). Here are a few questions, conversation starters, and language replacements you can use to make sure your student never feels alone!