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Brainstorming Your Personal Statement
Ask yourself...
  • Has there been something that changed my life in a positive way?
  • Have I become a different person from one event?
  • What did I learn from this one important experience?
  • Who was affected by this event?
  • How can I use these learned lessons and apply them to my life now?
  • How will I use these lessons in college?
Ask yourself...
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What motivates me?
  • What influences my life choices?
  • Why are my passions important to me?
  • Where did my passions originate from?
  • How will I implement my passions in my college experience?
Ask yourself...
  • What are my hobbies?
  • Why did I pick these hobbies?
  • Where did I pick these hobbies up?
  • How important are my hobbies to my daily life?
  • How do I plan to use these hobbies in my future? In college?
  • How have my hobbies influenced other aspect of my life, if at all?
Ask yourself...
  • Where is my family from?
  • What education level do my parents have?
  • How important is my family to my decision to go to college?
  • What has my family taught me?
  • Is my family traditional or do I have a unique household?
  • Do I always agree with my parents’ beliefs?
Ask yourself...
  • What’s my main point of my personal statement?
  • What am I trying to tell my admissions reader?
  • Is my personal statement an accurate representation of who I am?
  • How can I let my reader know more about my intentions for this essay?
Ask yourself...
  • What do I want to be doing after college?
  • Who do I want to be in the future?
  • What kind of career do I want to pursue?
  • What have I been doing now to secure this career later?
  • Why am I pursuing this dream?
  • How have my aspirations motivated me?
Ask yourself...
  • What obstacles have I faced before?
  • How have I overcome these struggles?
  • Will I still face these obstacles in college?
  • How have these stuggles influenced me becoming the person I am today?
  • Have these struggles discouraged or encouraged me?
Ask yourself...
  • What responsibilities do I have at home? At school? At work?
  • Do I enjoy having these responsibilities?
  • Will I continue having these responsibilities in college?
  • Do my responsibilities involve anyone I love?
  • How have these responsibilities influenced my decision to go to college?