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Where to Look

Guiding Questions for Researching Colleges
Ask yourself...
  • What kind of scholarships and loans do they offer?
  • How helpful and responsive is their financial aid office?
  • What does the typical financial aid package from them look like?
Ask yourself...
  • Do they offer a program or major that aligns with your interests?
  • Which fields of study is the school most known for? STEM? Humanities and Arts?
  • Which fields of study are most popular with other students?
Ask yourself...
  • What kind of other students attend this school? Are they competitive or laid-back?
  • How diverse is the student population? What about the faculty and staff?
Ask yourself...
  • Is the school competitive or welcoming?
  • Does the school offer community centers or student associations for groups you identify with (e.g. ethnicities, religion, etc.)?
  • What other types of communities or clubs are there on campus?
Ask yourself...
  • Are you thinking of commuting there or living on-campus?
  • What type of housing options do they offer students (e.g. dorms, apartments, Greek system, etc.)?
Ask yourself...
  • What kind of area is it located in? Is it a town? City?
  • What are the local businesses like?
  • Are there nearby stores such as Target or public transportation stops?
Ask yourself...
  • What kind of resources do they offer students?
  • Are there tutoring centers or additional academic help available?
  • Are there any mental health services available?
  • Do they offer options such as health insurance to students?
  • What kind of relationships do students tend to have with their professors?
Ask yourself...
  • Visit for an in-person tour (when it’s safe to travel!)
  • Explore the school’s website
  • The school’s financial aid office
  • Reach out to students already attending the school for their experiences
  • for specific stats related to the school such as rank or faculty diversity